Donnell Alexander

Donnell Alexander

It was something I said.

Consumers probably know me best for the memoir Ghetto Celebrity (Crown, 2003) and the story of Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No. I also lecture and facilitate.

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The Nation

When White People Say They Have My Back, What Does That ...

It was in a place of mourning that we Portlanders learned an all-star line-up of the worst White America has to offer would soon decamp in our mild-mannered city...


An Oregon Canyon | Oregon Humanities

A short film on "how racism is literally inscribed on our geography." Directed with Sika Stanton.

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Crate Diggers - Ep. 23 – Donnell Alexander | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand

Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between musicians and other cool people.


Green Goblins | UnFictional | Radio Documentary and Storytelling | KCRW

A story of baseball, fatherhood and what it's like to be the black team.

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Funny or Die

Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No: A Short Film

The animated doc has been hailed as one of the great baseball films. Neille Ilel produced the audio narrative with me.

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National Public Radio

In Hollywood, An Urban Legend Worth A Fact-Check

"To me, this conversation always comes back to the Booty Call-Rosewood conversation," says director Barry Jenkins.

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In This Teen Book Club, “The Outsiders” Leads to Talk of Boys and ICE

Be sure to check out the book club documentary content from my Mutty Waters production crew.

Let Timmy Smoke: It's Time to Open Baseball's Hidden Cannabis ...

Let's celebrate baseball season with beer, hot dogs, and cannabis! Plenty of players do. MLB just doesn't want anybody to talk about it.

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The Village Voice

Peering Into the Souls of White Folk

In our era of creeping wokeness, in the coasts' liberal precincts, the average black person can feel like a celebrity. Only, sometimes the celebrity it seems you are is Leslie Jones.


I Love My Children and I Owe Them So Much Money

This is so not the fatherhood I’d imagined as a male raised by a sometimes super-poor single mother or, for that matter, as a regular, paycheck-to-paycheck father, which I was for more than a dozen years—in home and across town.

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'When a Ball Hits a Dead Bat, it Dies' - YouTube

Dock Ellis and Gaylord Perry, together again. A visual meditation on cheating, from my enhanced ebook Beyond Ellis D, produced with Thor Swift.

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I Remember Mamba - Eephus

The Kobe I prefer to remember is a tender young buck, the pre-Mamba anomaly. Harold Miner 2.0. Understand when I say Harold Miner 2.0 that, as Kobe Bryant was ascendant, NBA progressives were on the prowl for an MJ update. The Next Jordan. Space Jam or nah, sport’s largest superstar was actually in early decline.

Oregon Humanities


An undocumented family’s long wait for adequate health care.

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Consider the Merkin: A Brief History of Pubic Wigs in Hollywood «

“Cleopatra was known for her beautiful, long, luxurious pubic hair, which she proudly wore brushed and oiled, and she was known to admire — and display — her pubic hair in the shiny marble floors and the light, diaphanous gowns of the time.”

The word ‘cuck’ has always been about race: Inside the alt-right’s favorite insult

There’s something perfectly obvious about the white right propagating a term based on women and black men’s shared history as property.

Also: I did not write that headline.