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Sundance and CNPA award-winning writer, editor, filmmaker & radio producer with two decades of experience blending the entertaining and the educational. 503.258.7907 —

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Consider the Merkin: A Brief History of Pubic Wigs in Hollywood «

“Cleopatra was known for her beautiful, long, luxurious pubic hair, which she proudly wore brushed and oiled, and she was known to admire — and display — her pubic hair in the shiny marble floors and the light, diaphanous gowns of the time.”

I Love My Children and I Owe Them So Much Money | Jezebel

It’s clear, anyway, that the wrong non-custodial parents are targeted. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reports that, as of 2003, of the more than $70 billion in child support debt across America, 70 percent is owed by noncustodial parents who have no quarterly earnings or with annual earnings of less than $10,000. Only four percent of child support arrears are held by noncustodial parents who make more than $40,000.

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My Time In Motel Hell: Scenes From America's Housing Crisis | FUSION

Bedbug bites are far from the worst outcome in this, one of the lowest rungs of housing insecurity, just steps away from homelessness.

The Darkness in Burns, Oregon

During the 45 minutes I spend inside the occupied refuge, I experience a calm and acceptance that is utterly unlike the vibe back in Burns. The occupiers ask me to stay, and invite me to eat. I talk to several other people in addition to Ehmer, and at no point do I feel racial animus.

Still, I ask Ehmer the question...

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The Conversation Project: Northwest Mixtape

The Pacific Northwest has a relationship with hip hop culture that is complex and, on occasion, commercially exceptional.

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Dr. Dre's Secret (Sequined) History — Cuepoint — Medium

In 1983 a teenaged Andre Young ventured into a Hollywood punk rock club and West Coast hip-hop changed forever.

Weekend America: An LSD No-No

The four-and-a-half-minute public radio narrative from 2008 that helped the world rediscover Dock Ellis.

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Jordan's brush with death by samurai sword - Ball Don't Lie

"Gash Almighty"
by Donnell Alexander, taken from ESPN The Magazine's 2009 "bookazine" on Michael Jordan.

Early in the spring of 1982, when he was a skinny freshman at North Carolina, before he had enough fans to start his own religion, Michael Jordan was largely unknown outside the state.

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Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No: A Short Film

The short has been hailed as, among other things, one of the greatest baseball films ever. The audio narrative was created by me, with Neille Ilel.

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Review: Straight Outta Compton Is a Bio-pic With a Sanitized Attitude

N.W.A’s gritty, complicated history deserves an equally complex film adaptation, something closer to the “reality rap” its members claimed to create.

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'When a Ball Hits a Dead Bat, it Dies' - YouTube

Dock Ellis and Gaylord Perry, together again. A visual meditation on cheating, from my enhanced ebook Beyond Ellis D, produced with Thor Swift.

Pomme bebe feeds the wee goo-goo gourmet - Los Angeles Times

The chef had cooked at some real quality joints, including Laguna Beach's Picayo. And while he'd served his fair share of petulant customers, he had not officially cooked for babies.

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Crate Diggers - Ep. 23 – Donnell Alexander | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand

Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between musicians and other cool people.

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In Hollywood, An Urban Legend Worth A Fact-Check

"To me, this conversation always comes back to the Booty Call-Rosewood conversation," says director Barry Jenkins.

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Hey Musicians, Would it Kill You to Get a Job? — Cuepoint — Medium

“It’s going to come as a shock to people, but these days [musicians] have other pursuits.” Martyn Leaper says. “This is a good thing.”