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Sundance and CNPA award-winning writer, editor, filmmaker & radio producer with two decades of experience blending the entertaining and the educational. 503.258.7907 —

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Dr. Dre's Secret (Sequined) History — Cuepoint — Medium

The real action was in Compton, south of Pico’s cultural capital, a town your average Hollywood music exec could not find on a map despite being less than 20 miles from Sunset Boulevard.

Racism Literally Costs America $2 Trillion...Ready to Stop Payment?

Bigotry in America has marginalized a diverse range of minority culture. “I was expecting it to get more attention as well, the numbers are so startling,” says Turner....

Merkin article
Consider the Merkin: A Brief History of Pubic Wigs in Hollywood «

"The first time I got introduced to the term “merkin” was through the wonderful late Ben Gazzara..."

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What Dock Ellis Taught Me About Drugs, Spitballs, Hair Curlers ...

What Dock Ellis Taught Me About Drugs, Spitballs, H...

Pomme bebe feeds the wee goo-goo gourmet - Los Angeles Times

The chef had cooked at some real quality joints, including Laguna Beach's Picayo. And while he'd served his fair share of petulant customers, he had not officially cooked for babies.

Imgres 3 article
Business Unusual: Work That Skirt! |

Steven Villegas fancied a man-skirt. Turns out he wasn't the only one.

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Jordan's brush with death by samurai sword - Ball Don't Lie

"Gash Almighty"
by Donnell Alexander, taken from ESPN The Magazine's 2009 "bookazine" on Michael Jordan.

Early in the spring of 1982, when he was a skinny freshman at North Carolina, before he had enough fans to start his own religion, Michael Jordan was largely unknown outside the state.

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'When a Ball Hits a Dead Bat, it Dies' - YouTube

Dock Ellis and Gaylord Perry, together again. A visual meditation on cheating, from my enhanced ebook Beyond Ellis D.

Coffee spill laptop article
Down and out in Portland: Lean seasons had always been part of ...

Down and out in Portland: Lean seasons had always b...

In Hollywood, An Urban Legend Worth A Fact-Check : NPR

Donnell Alexander talks to veteran black filmmakers to see why his new short film can't get any Hollywood love. Apparently, the problem is that it features three-dimensional black characters.

Imgres article
Do Rappers Dream of Electro-Beats?

DJs Egyptian Lover and Arabian Prince return to celebrate an unsung chapter of L.A. hip-hop history
Los Angeles City Beat 07/28/05


Spree had one set of rules. P.J. had another. The clash was inevitable.

From ESPN The Magazine's debut issue.

Captain Power: A Past Predictor Powers On | Donnell Alexander

Captain Power: A Past Predictor Powers On | Donnell...

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Can This Millennial Mayor Turn Compton Into L.A.'s Next Hot ...

I’d come to Compton to talk to its mayor about what’s going on in this old city with a young population and an outdated reputation for all manner of blackness.

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Forced Team Sale Could Net Donald Sterling Close to $1 Billion

"You look at David Stern. What did he ever do about this guy?"