Donnell Alexander

Donnell Alexander

It was something I said.

Consumers probably know me best for the memoir Ghetto Celebrity (Crown, 2003) and the story of Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No. I also lecture and facilitate.

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The word ‘cuck’ has always been about race: Inside the alt-right’s favorite insult

There’s something perfectly obvious about the white right propagating a term based on women and black men’s shared history as property.

Also: I did not write that headline.

How to bring a revolution to rural Oregon | Fusion

A newcomer in rural government, where how deep one’s roots go might count as much as how much money a person has, White is flagrant in treating his campaign as an experiment based on his writing.

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My Time In Motel Hell: Scenes From America's Housing Crisis | FUSION

Bedbug bites are far from the worst outcome in this, one of the lowest rungs of housing insecurity, just steps away from homelessness.